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About GoPro Camera: 

The GoPro was the highest selling camera of 2012. If you’re wondering why, just read the raving customer reviews on This camera is currently being used for almost anything from dare devil high altitude sports to underwater sea adventures. The conventional point and shoot cameras are things of the past, with new technology, GoPro has brought us a portable camera that mounts to you to get the amazing first person shots throughout your adventures. The tough durability and water proof build lets you easily mount it on bikes, motor cycles, surfboards and helmets while capturing all the moments of the things you love to do.


Comparing the GoPro Hero 2 with the newer, best selling model, the GoPro HD Hero 3 : Black Edition Camera:

    • Smaller, lighter & 2x more Powerful
    • Twice the Video Performance
    • 3x Faster Photo Performance
    • Improved Sharpness & Less Distortion
    • Redesigned Audio System
    • Built-in Wi-Fi (+ Wi-Fi Remote)

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Since it is rare for GoPro to have coupons year round, a simple way to cut costs is to go for the more affordable downgraded model. Although it doesn’t have all of the top of the line features like the Hero3, many of the features and picture qualities are the same. Check out some of the reviews at amazon for the 3 different models:

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If you already own a new Hero3 or have recently purchased one, please share your thoughts about the camera below in the comments section. I’d love to hear about what you think of the new and advanced camera by GoPro. For those of you on the fense about choosing a suitable camera to go along with your action packed life-style, my recommendation is to go with the GoPro brand as you will never look back, I know I haven’t.

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GoPro Camera

Take the excitement of GoPro camera views and bring it to your phone with the FREE GoPro App! The GoPro App works great with any of the GoPro Hero 3 cameras. The built in Wi-Fi allows you to connect your camera to your mobile device and control it from the palm of your hand!

Haven’t gotten your hands on a GoPro Hero 3? No Problem! For a limited time Save $20 on the Wi-Fi BacPac + Wi-Fi Remote Combo Kit set to work with your GoPro Hero 2. The Wi-Fi BacPac allows you to add Wi-Fi to your GoPro Hero 2 to be able to connect and control your camera from your mobile device!

GoPro HD Hero3 – An Adventure Man’s Favorite Toy!

The latest GoPro Camera Hero3: Black Edition is the most advanced Camera out for this upcoming holiday season. With Black Friday just around the corner, sports enthusiasts all around the world are anxious to get their hands on the world’s most versatile camera. GoPro has outdone themselves with this latest version with advanced features that cater to all tech enthusiasts and athletes alike. Here’s to highlight a few of their new features:

  • 25% Lighter & Thinner than the Hero2
  • Captures at 2x Resolution & 2x Frame Rate as Previous Models
  • 2x Better Low Light Performance
  • Ultra High Resolution 2.7k & 4k Shooting Modes
  • Video Modes: 1080p @ 60fps
  • 3x Faster Photo Performance @ 12MP
  • Bust Capture @ 30fps
  • Built in WiFi & Remote with a Range of 600 ft
  • Picture in Video Mode: Capture Video while simultaneously capturing pictures at given intervals
  • Redesigned Audio System that captures the immersible sounds of sport.

If you’re as excited about the New GoPro HD Hero3, Preorder yours today to guarantee you get your hands on one for only $399.99. The Release Date is set for Nov 14, 2012, just in time for Black Friday 2012 Shopping.